We think. We create. We amplify.


We think. We create. We amplify.


We think. We create. We amplify.


We think. We create. We amplify.


We think. We create. We amplify.


We think. We create. We amplify.

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Communication specialists
Content development, strategies and implementation
Science communication
Websites and digital communication
Data visualisation
Brand strategy and public relations

What we do

  • We offer specialised communication services across different platforms.
  • We find authentic and creative content solutions for your communication needs.
  • We specialise in science and environmental content and strategic communications. 
  • We aid researchers in making their work accessible to the general public to educate, empower and ensure behavioural changes for the benefit of people and the environment.
  • We work with inspiring researchers, entrepreneurs and NGOs to achieve long-term positive change. 
  • We help our clients stand out from the crowd and deliver real impact.
  • We focus on your objectives and audiences. We identify the right activities and channels to reach your goals, from content development to copywriting and design materials, and digital and social media.

We focus on: Science • Agriculture • Innovation • Water • Climate • Biodiversity • Natural resources • Energy • Sustainable livelihoods • Medical research and healthcare


Our team

Meet our team of experts with experience in design agencies, national and online media, as well as the NGO sector. We are all digitally savvy, connected and part of a community of social and environmentally responsible practitioners.

Our team consists of like-minded people who share a passion for strategic, creative and effective communication solutions. Individually we bring different skill sets to the table; together, we make a strong team capable of taking on any challenge.

Jorisna Bonthuys

Content creator, editor and journalist

Jorisna is a content creator, editor and award-winning journalist with more than 20 years' experience in the media industry. She worked at Media24 as an environmental and political reporter before joining WWF-SA as a content creator. Jorisna worked as a freelancer before launching her communication business that focuses on science organisations, research institutions, NGOs, and the agricultural sector. She has a keen interest in climate change, food security and agricultural systems, biodiversity, and sustainable development.

Dr Anneke Potgieter

Writer, editor and translator

As a professional editor and translator, Anneke serves as the critical eye that zooms in on the details to ensure each of her clients’ texts is grammatically flawless and its message clear and convincing. Also working as a content creator, she crafts website and other promotional texts that voice the attitude and ethos of individual brands. With a background in both cheffing and linguistics, this green-minded foodie wordsmith specialises in texts related to food, agriculture and the sustainability industry.

Dr Simone Conradie

Editor, copywriter and proofreader

Simone is a seasoned language practitioner with more than 20 years of experience. She has worked as a lecturer, researcher and academic supervisor in the Department of General Linguistics at Stellenbosch University from 2002 until 2016, and has also been a research fellow of the department since 2015. Since 2019, she has been working as a freelance editor, mainly of academic work, in fields ranging from social work to engineering. Her main field of interest is second language acquisition. 

Roulé le Roux

Designer and illustrator

Roulé has ten years’ experience as a graphic designer and illustrator at a design studio and advertising agency, plus five years as a freelancer working on print and digital platforms. One thing remains central: Roulé’s appreciation for good, simple design. She brings an optimistic attitude and a need to create. Her experience in different disciplines enables her to create lively and unique brand identities.

Ronél van Heerden

Designer and illustrator

Three years in design studios, 13 years of freelancing, seven magazine publications and numerous design projects resulted in many years of learning in the field of design. Ronel brings a keen eye for design and copy, her need to better the world and an interest in stoic thinking.

Our work

We tell stories with impact. We get the science right. We find authentic and creative solutions for your content needs. 

For projects with a layout and design element, we typically collaborate with our preferred designers and illustrators to provide you with an integrated strategy and communication products.

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We collaborate


Designers and illustrators

Unfold brings together the skills, expertise and passions of two designers with years of experience in design, advertising, and corporate business. Read more about Roule and Ronel’s work here.

dotted line design

Designers and illustrators

Dotted line design is a graphic design studio that specialises in visual communication. They offer clean and simple design, which helps to communicate with clarity and honesty.  Read more about their work here.

Design for Development (D4D)

Visual communicators

D4D’s team are a team of experienced visual communicators, working with people to make a difference in society. They use their skills, creativity and connections to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Read more about their work here.

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Mobile:  0832867265


LinkedIn: Jorisna Bonthuys

Our clients

Who we’ve worked with

“As the editor of Research at Stellenbosch University, I have worked with Jorisna since 2018. Jorisna is a thoroughly professional person who takes pride in her work. As an experienced science writer, she engages with the text meticulously. I can recommend her work with confidence. She provides excellent service, on time, and with due care and precision.”

Maryke Hunter-Hüsselmann
Director: Research Information and Strategy, Division for Research Development, Stellenbosch University

Jorisna’s outfit eased the process towards publishing my evidence-based public report. The process was managed well, and they delivered on time. Using a detailed project plan, sticking to dates and deliverables, double-checking details and ensuring accuracy, designing a fun and visually appealing product that is also very user-friendly – all of these aspects made for a great collaboration and final product. On top of it, they are competent and pleasant people with a passion for excellence.

Prof. Anita Bosch:
Research Chair for Women at Work, Stellenbosch Business School