Seeding a sustainable future

The brief

Create a high-level fundraising proposal for the University Stellenbosch Business School (USB) and the Stellenbosch University’s Faculty of AgriSciences.

The clients

University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) and the Faculty of AgriSciences

The context

At the heart of food security on the African continent lies smallholder-driven agricultural systems. Despite past improvements, Africa still faces significant challenges regarding food security, including the vulnerability of its food production systems. 

Improving the performance and competitiveness of the sector is of strategic importance to ensuring food security, addressing poverty, and overall human well-being in the region.

Universities need to unlock sustainable funding to ensure research for impact. Increasingly, they are exploring new ways to engage and communicate with potential funders. In this case, the university developed a unique research proposal to create knowledge for impact. We developed content to communicate about this work.

The process

We created an illustrative style that was used throughout the document. Using this style, we created some decorative elements that showcased projects that could provide opportunities in the small-scale farming sector.

We also created icons focused on key concepts in the proposal, as well as some conceptual diagrams and process graphs.

Content development was done in collaboration with the designers responsible for layout and illustrations. This ensured an integrated communication product with a specific focus on women and the youth. Together the text and visual elements increased the readability of the proposal.

We combined the new graphic elements with the existing identity elements of SU and the USB.

Here are some examples of the African-inspired illustrations we produced.

We also used agricultural-related icons in the concept notes.

The result

We delivered an authentic and professional funding proposal. The document outlined SU’s transdisciplinary approach and agricultural work, and motivated funders to get involved.




Project management and content: Jorisna Bonthuys
Editing: Anneke Perold Potgieter
Design, illustration and layout: Unfold

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